Studio Karin Jordan stands for a slow-fashion-concept

designing, producing and selling high-quality business clothing beyond short-lived trends for women. Karin Jordan's range follows women's physical, personal and professional needs. It emphasises the personality and creates a comfortable feeling as well as clothing spaces in which women feel safe and at ease.

The finely balanced range of trousers, jackets, skirts, shirts and dresses are being custom tailored in the sizes 34 (UK 8; US 6) to 46 (UK 20; US 18). Older favourite pieces from the collection can be repaired or altered as needed. The combination of user-oriented design and accurate processing of high-quality fabrics with fair working conditions for the skilled personnel working in Berlin makes for clothes which women wear happily for a long time.

The Slow-Fashion-concept is aimed at women who want to combine their pleasure in beautiful, personal clothing with responsible consumption, saying: Less is more.

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Thursday 10.00 am – 6.00 pm
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The inner life of your clothes

Breton Short Coat


Changes are taking place in the working world. Women are significantly involved in these changes. Slowly but steadily, hierarchies are levelling out and dress codes are getting more liberal and feminine. Physical, visual und psychic corsets are being put into question. Business clothing can be reconsidered by steering away from heteronomy and leading towards self-determination.
Responsibilities, personnel development and communication strategies change. Women take centre stage. They take position, they manage and they integrate. Being cool is out. Requirements become increasingly complex. Accordingly, business clothes have to be seen more differentiated. On the one hand, they support our personal concerns in a nonverbal way. On the other hand, they affect our insides. They can weaken us. But primarily, they will strengthen us. Women who dress ‘differently’ – meaning authentically – are able to represent their political stance and can make an economic decision. Therefore, they can contribute to significant changes.

It is high time we thought business clothing anew!

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