| mantellum in Latin, meaning cover – is the outermost piece of clothing with which humans surround themselves. The aspect of protection as well as the interaction between inner and outer life express themselves most strongly in this garment. In architecture the shell is seen in its space-creating and space-enclosing function. 

With „clothing to live in“ Karin Jordan picks up this principle. The models named „The coat - Der Mantel“ form an ample space with a slim silhouette and are popular in winter worn over suits. The „Cover coat“ on the other hand is a light, almost atmospheric cover, protecting and sensual at the same time.


KABAN | For centuries, the Kaban has been a must-have for fishers in Brittany and therefore also a part of tradition in many maritime regions - similarly to the little black dress, which was declared as the "uniform for all women with taste" by Coco Chanel. In line with JORDAN's tradition, our universal interpretation of the Kaban offers protection and space at the same time. The robust jacket makes it easy for the wearer to stay active, curious, adventurous and always on the move. It embodies freedom: a sustainable, durable piece with a fresh touch, whose robust material makes it suitable for every situation. The cherry-on-top are its covered button row, its large pockets and the conveniently slit sleeves. If you love our Workertrousers, the Kaban will surely become one of your favourites. Its design unites established tradition, a modern cut and an individual potential for development.

THE COAT | Its name tells it all: "The coat". It is timelessly beautiful and creates a slender silhouette, yet with a spacious feel for all kinds of suits underneath. At the same time, it protects from wind and weather, offering an elegant and pleasant home to its wearer, even on the coldest of days.

COVER | Do you know this feeling? A small piece of fabric has been lying in your wardrobe for ages. You have always wanted it to be tailored into something special, as it is much too beautiful to be cut into scrap, yet you have never been able to decide what its perfect use might be. A similar intention lies at the core of our Cover. In its essence, it is "just" a piece of fabric with sleeves and a collar. It can be acquired in two variations. Either made of cotton cut with elastane, an elastic wool-mix or pure cashmere. The first option is crafted in a neat manner with French seams and can easily be washed in the washing machine. The sleeves of the second two models can be lined upon request for colder seasons, which facilitates the slip over long-sleeved shirts. The Cover's name is derived from its adaptability to every situation and its allrounder-nature. It can easily be worn with a pair of jeans during the day, as well as with an evening gown on the way to the opera at night.

KIMONO GISELLE | Our popular oversized jacket was developed in 1998 and reinterpreted more recently upon the many requests of our clients. Fabrics, designs, as well as new perspectives regarding possible combinations redefine our warm and elegant winter jacket. It has the potential to become a favourite.

SUMMER COAT | It is the perfect "house" for the summer: unlined, with large pockets, a distant stand-up collar and long slits in the sleeves, the coat is best combined with skirts, dresses or tight-fitting trousers. The fabric is light and its dense weaving protects the wearer from wind. Additionally, it can be washed directly in the washing machine!