Karin Jordan's DRESSES | follow women's desire to wear individual and feminine clothes also and especially at work. Clothes that visually fulfil the changing daily demands and at the same time correspond to the physical well-being.

Four types of dresses: The kimono dress, the chemise dress, the shirt dress and the sheath dress enable customers to be perfectly dressed in private life, at work, on travel and at receptions in no time. 

A fine selection of high-quality and comfortable fabrics like the feathery-light, washable and suitcase-friendly combed yarn, a wonderfully flowing crepe-georgette or Dupion silk – which has 150 colours for customers to choose from – allows great individuality. 

SHEATH DRESS WITH SLEEVES | A classic sheath dress with sleeves. The tight-fitting silhouette creates a luxurious look. At the same time, optimal freedom of movement is guaranteed. Our clients can choose between two materials that are perfectly adapted to this model: our wonderful Dupion silk in innumerable colours, as well as our wrinkle-free viscose crepe.

SHEATH DRESS | The sheath dress is both relaxed and luxurious. The freedom of movement of the legs is not guaranteed by a traditional slit, but rather by a fan-shaped Godet inset. Our clients can choose between 150 colours of wonderful Dupion silk.


SUMMER DRESS | With its large pockets, the Summer Dress is a comfortable all-rounder, in which living is especially agreeable. Furthermore, it excels in optimizing the silhouette, making the waist appear extremely slim. The belt can turn the dress into an elegant piece in an instant, while it becomes an uncomplicated shirt-dress, when worn without a tie. The fitted finish of the sleeves, as well as the quilted neckline are crafted with care. The dress can be closed with press fasteners at the front.

KIMONO-WATERFALL-SHIRT, YOKED SKIRT | This season the effortlessly floating shape of our dresses and shirt-skirt-combinations is created through an unique interplay between dull and glossy finishes as well as diagonal and vertical grain lines. For that purpose there is no material better than the reversible Callas, a fabric made from viscose. It makes the garment slip over the body without requiring any lining. The material is available in wonderfully rich colours such as berry, fuchsia, blue green and grass green.

Worn in combination, shirt and skirt make an ensemble to be “well-dressed” on several occations – both, in winter and in summer. The material is crease-resistant und machine washable. The artful, figure flattering drape of the skirt is created by diagonal grain lines. The neckline of the shirt is edged with a satin border which takes up the gloss of the yoke of the skirt. Therefore, top and skirt can either be worn in combination or separately.

KIMONO DRESS | Made of uncomplicated crepe Georgette, our Kimono Dress with half or three-quarter long sleeves is already a JORDAN-classic. Its Empire-silhouette conceals feminine areas around the hips and emphasizes the waist. The high-placed transversal seam below the breast falls down the back of the dress, which has a slimming effect on the bum. At the same time, the light and airy skirt hem swings around the legs playfully. Designed without a zipper, the Kimono Dress is easy and quick to slip on. It is available in a wide range of colours; from classic black, to various blue tones and even rich red.