of this label take on the feeling of home- and sportswear. High-quality natural fabrics like new wool-silk, feathery, washable and suitcase-friendly combed yarn, wonderfully flowing crepe-georgette and, for the cold season, finest new wool, cashmere-combinations as well as a firm jersey allow women to enjoy a luxuriously relaxed feeling in a business environment and to be well-dressed in all situations.

All models in Karin Jordan's collection are in a systematic relation to each other. This enables the label's customers to compose their own version of trouser suits, costumes or jacket-dress combinations. Since all models are a permanent part of the collection one can complement an individual jacket with a compatible trouser even years later.


LONG WAISTED BLAZER | Inspired by the 40's, the shoulderline of the blazer is extremely precise, almost masculine. It represents a contrast to the X-silhouette and tight fit at the waist. The soft sleeves with long, buttonable cuffs and varnished buttons fulfil the high expectations of tailoring art. The slim revers can be worn classically or as a stand-up collar. In addition, the position of the trimmed pockets underlines the dynamic X-silhouette and optically lengthens the legs. The blazer has the potential to upgrade every look and can easily be combined with jeans. When paired with our own Worker Trousers, the ensemble almost becomes an evening gown.




TREKKINGBLAZER 1 | The basic idea of the Trekkingblazer is a training jacket, whose silhouette, zipper and pocket shape conveys athleticism and ergonomics. Its particularity lies in its transformation into the business world. It is suitable for women at work, as well as during leisure time.  Wearable with elegant crepe pants, as well as with sporty jeans, the mix-and-match possibilities offered by the Trekkingblazer are manifold.

TREKKINGBLAZER 2 | The Trekkingblazer 2 is an absolute allrounder. Due to its high-quality fabrication, it can easily be integrated into one's daily worklife, but is also suitable for leisure. The sporty dynamics of Trekkingblazer 2's predecessor, a model made of jersey, are transposed into the cotton of this variant. The focus lies on the pockets in the frontal dart. They feel similar to a cosy kangaroo pocket. Long slits in the sleeves complete the casual office look.


SHORT BOW JACKET | A Raglan-Kimono-Jacket with a lightly cut up collar. The covered button row is willingly emphasized for a graphic touch. The bow agrees with the plain severity of the rest. Like a blouse or a cardigan, the Bow Jacket can easily be combined with trousers or skirts.



COUTURE JACKET | Kimonos exude a magical beauty that can be explained by their simplicity and exoticism. With the Couture-Jacket, Karin Jordan has made it her mission to adapt the fascinating Japanese kimonos to the figure of European women. The result of this task translates into the sensual darts on the chest, the chalice-shaped collar, as well as the short sleeves. The seams underline the feminine silhouette masterfully, while the rising collar imperceptibly encourages an upright posture. If necessary, a long-sleeved shirt can easily be worn underneath the airy sleeves. The JORDAN-Couture-Jacket is a piece of high-quality tailoring art for every day: combined with black trousers, it becomes part of an elegant evening ensemble, while in combination with a pair of jeans, it gains a casual and sporty touch.


WORKER JACKET | The Worker Jacket was inspired by the clothes of blue-collar workers. Due to its long-lasting design process, which was inspired by the development of the JORDAN-Worker Trousers, the Worker Jacket's usefulness, comfort and lifestyle no longer represents a contradiction to traditional business outfits. The robust material, as well as the classical, high-quality finish result in an enduring jacket. Two variants are available: one is suitable for summer, as shown above. Lined, with white seams, made out of cotton/ elastane (easily washable). The other is suitable for winter with elastic lining, made out of cashmere/ silk (dry cleaning).

WORKERBLAZER WITH PLEAT AND POCKET | The long crease at the centre of the blazer creates a 50's/ 60's look for our couture variant of the Worker Jacket. The characteristic laissez-faire-feeling of our Worker Jackets is nevertheless maintained. It builds a contrast to the slim waist, which is in turn loosened by a wide dual-seam-sleeve. This curve in the silhouette, as well as the short length, are also suitable in combination with dresses and skirts.