THE SUIT | The term business awakens the association of suits. Men and women dressed in suits are reminiscent of profession, hierarchy, competence, reliability, toughness etc. Right? Isn’t it high time we got away from prim and strict dress codes in the workplace – without being less competent, reliable or tough?
How would you like business clothing with a feel-good factor? What would you say if you could feel at one with the material that surrounds you (as a suit)? The high quality manufactured trousers by Karin Jordan show the characteristics of workman trousers, giving the functionality, comfortable fit and lifestyle feeling of a pair of jeans. The jackets take on the feeling of home- and sportswear. Nevertheless – or maybe that is just why – they are high-quality, of a strong character and perfectly suitable for business. Worn either separately or in combination. They don't cloak your personality, they rather underline it.

COUTURE-JACKET, GARÇON3-TROUSERS | The JORDAN-Couture-Jacket is a fine piece of tailoring for every day, that can be worn in various combinations. Paired with black Garçon3-Trousers, it instantly becomes part of a suit for more festive occasions.

TREKKINGBLAZER 1, WORKERHOSE WITHOUT WAISTBAND | The basic idea of the Trekkingblazer is a training jacket, whose silhouette, zipper and pocket shape conveys athleticism and ergonomics. Its particularity lies in its transformation into the business world. It is suitable for women at work, as well as during leisure time. When worn with our Workertrousers without a waistband made of elegant crepe, it becomes part of a functional and comfortable suit.

TREKKINGBLAZER 2, GARÇON4-TROUSERS | Due to its high-quality fabrication, the Trekkingblazer 2 can easily be integrated into one's daily working life, but is also suitable for leisure. It is not lined, which leads to a wear as light as a feather. Long slits in the sleeves provide for a casual office look. The wide, comfortable Garçon 4-Trousers with their slim leg silhouette complete the outfit. The zipper lies sideways underneath the left pocket and flattens the stomach. The pure seam at the centre allows for wearing tight shirts and sweaters underneath the jacket without it being visible. The laisser-faire-look of the uncomplicated trousers is underlined by a back pocket on the right side.

LONG WAISTED BLAZER, WORKER-TROUSERS WITHOUT WAISTBAND | Inspired by the 40's, the shoulderline of this blazer is extremely precise. The soft sleeves with long, buttonable cuffs and varnished buttons fulfil the high expectations of the art of tailoring. The slim lapel can be worn classically or as a stand-up collar. In addition, the position of the trimmed pockets underlines a dynamic X-silhouette and optically lengthens the legs. Combined, the blazer and Workertrousers almost transform into an evening gown.

TREKKINGBLAZER 2, T-PANTS | The Trekkingblazer 2 is an absolute allrounder for job and leisure. The focus of this variation lies on the pockets in the frontal tuck. They feel similar to a cosy kangaroo pocket. The comfort of the trousers, our so-called T-Pants, encompasses the optical slimness, but wide feel of pleated-front trousers. A balance between a jeans and couture style is achieved through an edgy 7/8-length and prominent pockets with decoratively quilted seams. Worn with ankle boots during autumn and winter, as well as sandals or sneakers during spring and summer, the T-Pants represent an individual break with the classical business wardrobe.

WORKERBLAZER WITH PLEAT AND POCKET, WORKER-TROUSERS WITHOUT WAISTBAND | The long crease at the centre of the blazer creates a 50's/ 60's look for our couture variant of the Workerjacket. The characteristic laissez-faire-feeling of our Workerjackets is nevertheless maintained. It builds a contrast to the slim waist, which is in turn loosened by a wide dual-seam-sleeve. This curve in the silhouette, as well as the short length, are not only suitable in combination with dresses and skirts, but also adapted to wide pants, such as the Workertrousers without a waistband. The pants have an androgynous, timeless look and optically narrow the waist. The seam on the side is positioned in a way that optimizes the ergonomics of the pockets and diminishes the risk of unpleasant creases. Stomach and thigh ‘problem zones’ are covered up by a charming "sexappeal-fold" in the crotch area.